Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Freethought Man, will you play your cards RIGHT?

Tomorrow Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro continues the outreach to the Piedmont Freethought Association who meet at the Unitarian Universalist church on Hilltop Road at 4PM Sunday afternoon. We will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the PFA Members, expressing the grace of God to sinners. May God be pleased to save some as the autonomous secular humanist worldview is challenged by the truth of the Word of God, the foundation for the Christian Worldview.

The question for the atheist is:
"Have you considered the Truth of the Scriptures and with understanding, chosen your position as a superior measure of truth? If so, upon what foundation do you make such a decision and is it consistent with reality? Do you know the Scriptures well enough to pass the following test?"

ALL Questions are TRUE or FALSE. Once I post the answers; "Will you deem them correct or incorrect based upon your autonomy?"

Doctrine of God and Christology
1. Jesus was fully God, but only appeared to be human
2. Jesus was created by God before all things

3. Jesus was part man and part God

4. In the Old Testament, God was known as the Father, in the New Testament as the Son, and after Pentecost as the Holy Spirit

5. Jesus only died spiritually on the cross
6. God exists in 3 separate persons, who are only one in purpose

Doctrine of Salvation

7. Our salvation is based upon perfect obedience to the Ten Commandments

8. For we know that we are saved by grace after all that we can do

9. I am saved because of my decision to accept Christ

10. People who have never heard the gospel are innocent and go the heaven

11. The Bible teaches that there is an age of accountability, that children who die before this age go to heaven because they are innocent

12. If I die with unconfessed sin, I will go to hell

13. There are certain sins that I can commit which will cause me to lose my salvation

14. The Holy Spirit living inside me enables me to live a victorious life so that I am acceptable to God

15. Justification is the process by which a person, through faith in Christ and sorrow for his sins, receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and so becomes a child of God

If you would like your answers graded, email to me at sterling@royaldiadem.com. It is my desire that God will be pleased tohave mercy on your soul and regenerate you, resulting in
the acknowledgement of your state as a sinner begging for mercy.

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